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The Crucial Role of Temperature Data Loggers in Freight: Ensuring Quality and Peace of Mind

Posted by Michael Steedman on Sep 12, 2023 10:51:42 PM

In today's globalized world, the transportation of goods, especially perishables and pharmaceuticals, requires precise attention to detail. Among the paramount concerns is the maintenance of the optimal temperature throughout the transportation process. Enter temperature data loggers: the unsung heroes of the freight industry.

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Topics: airfreight, temperature control, transport by air, chilled salmon by airfreight, temperature control standards

The Hidden Genius Behind Air Freight: Unveiling the Magic of Unit Load Devices

Posted by Michael Steedman on Jul 3, 2023 2:06:36 PM

Loading an aircraft with freight. Citation "Finn, R. (2021). 'Qatar Airways Cargo...' from Airfreight Logistics." and "CHEP Aerospace Solutions set to rebrand as Unilode. (2017, February 2"

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Topics: airfreight, International Air Transport Association, transport by air, transporting products by air, Unit load device

What precautions do I need to take when transporting wet cargo by air

Posted by Russell East on Jul 18, 2019 2:23:49 PM

If liquid escapes from air cargo into the aircraft fuselage, then there is a risk of damage, including over the longer term of corrosion. Corrosion has been identified as the cause of some aircraft failures that have resulted in loss of life.

In this article I highlight the best practices for managing and containing situations where there is risk of liquids being discharged during transit on an airplane. There is also an interesting case study where an airline is handling wet cargo which is causing serious corrosion in the body of the aircraft.

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Topics: transport by air, cargo absorbent, leakage from aircargo, absorbent sheeting for air cargo, managing moisture in aircargo, stopping leaks from air cargo, nappy sheeting for airplanes, spillage containment, shipment of chemicals by air, spill control in aircraft

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