Protecting against heat in shipping containers

Container liner image montage


Shipping Container thermal liners

Thermal protection for ocean freight

Cargowise insulated shipping container liners protect perishables and other temperature-sensitive cargo from heat, eliminate container rain, maximise dry container fleet, and prevent potential contamination. The thermal liners, made from single sided and double sided foil insulation materials, create a safe insulated space inside the container.

Cargowise container liners are readily available in standard sizes and can be easily customised to your requirements. The insulation materials we use are easily foldable, lightweight, and deliver excellent value for money with uncompromising results. The thermal liner kits are manufactured according to standard dry ocean shipping container sizes.

  • The double sided foil Container Liner Kits are specifically made for 40 feet Shipping Containers; 1219mm x 2440mm x 2440mm (Standard) and 1219mm x 2440mm x 2890mm (High Cube).
  • The single sided foil Container Liner Kits are developed to protect 20 feet Shipping Containers; 6100mm x 2440mm x 2440mm (Standard) and 6100mm x 2440mm x 2890mm (High Cube).