Worried About Moisture Damaging Cargo Inside Shipping Containers?

Protect your investment with TranSorb® Container Desiccants.

Moisture within a container can negatively impact your product in many ways.

For example:

Rust & Corrosion Mould growth Packaging deterioration Clumping or Caking of powder
Warping & Twisting Spoiled goods Labels peeling Chemicals degrading

TranSorb Moisture Control Packs protect your cargo from moisture by absorbing condensation inside containers for up to 90 days. TranSorb contains patented materials that hold moisture, unlike other products that wick, drip or leak when capacity is reached.

Shipping container with MultisorbTranSorb® Sorbent Packs

TranSorb Sorbent Packs are designed for use in freight containers and warehouse storage to protect products against moisture damage. The sorbent packs absorb large quantities of moisture to safeguard items such as machinery, canned goods, and steel products against rust and corrosion.

TranSorb can also prevent mold and mildew contamination found on food packages. The patented TranSorb product absorbs “container rain” and/ or “cargo sweat” that occurs when freight is being stored or shipped. TranSorb is available in single packs, strip format, in nets, or with adhesive backing.

Protect Valuable Goods Against Condensation

TranSorb Sorbent Packs absorb large quantities of moisture to protect against damage that condensation within a shipping container or warehouse can cause.

BENEFITS of transorb container dessicants

  • Financial liability reduced by managing moisture
  • Does not leach moisture back into packaging
  • Protects cargo for an extended period of time (90 days)
  • Available in different formats for easy installation
  • Experts ready to guide you through implementation

Transorb group shot

Cargo Absorbent MATTING FOR CONTAINER FLOORS and Pallet bases

Cargo Absorbent for lining shipping containers to absorb moisture

To absorb moisture from condensation and liquid spills Cargo Absorbent can be used to line the base of palletised load and the floor of shipping containers.
Cargo Absorbent is 1600mm wide and absors between 3 - 5 litres of liquid per square metre depending on type of Cargo Absorbent matting.
Cargo Absorbent for lining shipping containers