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Maintain your products in a chilled condition

Ensure the safe transport of your chilled and frozen products using our frozen gel packs

This is our premium, long lasting gel ice pack. The gel based solution has been developed to outperform other coolants and water based ice packs available on the market, keeping your products chilled at below 8°C for up to 72 hours when used with an insulated box.

DYNACHILL coolants are non-toxic and are completely safe for food use.

Our gels are a mix of water and sodium polyacrylate which creates the gel. Compared to water, gel will greatly reduce the chance that a split gel pack will damage the goods being transported as the gel will hold itself together whereas water will flow and damage the goods.

They can be combined with flat corrugated plastic boxes, as shown below, so they can be interleaved between boxes of chilled goods on a pallet.



To meet customer requirements we design solutions to meet particular demands.


The plastic corrugated diecut boxes are designed to replace the usual corrugated cardboard boxes so the packs are robust enough to be reused several times reducing costs.


These can be configured for size and weight to suit your requirements. The illustrations below show how these gel packs are used within a aircraft transport container in conjunction with a thermal liner.


If you have particular requirements please contact us to discuss.



Gel ice pack cassettes on grey background

An ILLUSTRATION showing how these gel ice packs are used in an air freight container

Gel ice packs banner



Gel ice packs can be supplied in strips that can be laid over palletised goods before applying a thermal pallet cover.


These have been proven to keep goods at the desired temperature range of between 2- 8 degrees Celcius for more than 3 days despite delays in transit.


Used in conjunction with temperature data loggers, you can transport temperature sensitive goods safely with a data report to provide documentary evidence of the load temperature during transit.


Learn more here about using gel ice packs with data loggers and thermal foil covers together.

Gel ice packs strips laid over pallet



Gel ice packs specifications




Purified water, Sodium Polyacrylate




Virgin LDPE with Metallocene, 110 micron, white, plain.


Gel packs on grey background
Can gel ice packs be recycled?

Theoretically, yes.

The water based gel is harmless to the environment and can be safely disposed of into the waste water system.

The LDPE is recyclable, and if you have large quantities to recycle it will be best to contact a waste recycling company to discuss your requirements, and the best way to accumulate and prepare the LDPE for collection for recycling.

Why are gel ice packs so effective?

Our gel packs contain a mix of water and sodium polyacrylate.

The freezing temperature is reduced as a gel compared to water; this means it stays below zero degrees Celsius for longer (i.e will keep things frozen for longer).

The blog below explains why water is an outstanding substance for regulating temperature. Adding sodium polyacrylate only improves its performance.

While ice melts its temperature remains at zero degrees Celcius.

While ice is changing from solid to liquid which is known as a PHASE CHANGE, all thermal energy is used to change its state rather than increase the temperature.

It is known as LATENT (or hidden) energy.

Read this BLOG to find out more.

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