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Absorbent CARGO Sheeting for condensation and SPILL containment

click below for Absorbent sheeting suitable for:

animal transport, and heavy foot traffic.

When transporting animals and livestock we supply a scuff resistant absorbent sheeting that animals can stand on. If operators have to walk on the absorbent matting for unloading and loading, then this is the right absorbent matting for you. This matting absorbs up to 3 litres of liquid per sqm.

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Horses ready for air transport

click below for our high absorbent capacity matting for:

perishables and high condensation ISSUES

When transporting chilled and frozen and wet produce by air freight our cargo absorbent sheeting can absorb up to 5 litres of liquid per sqm. This high  capacity absorbent matting can be used to line pallets and containers to control any condensations and liquid spills. Not suitable for high foot traffic.

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Frozen Salmon boxed