Have you considered passive temperature control?

Refrigerated air freight and sea freight containers are very expensive, and in some instances in short supply leading to delays in transit.

Many goods that are shipped using refrigerated containers, could actually be safely shipped using passive temperature controlled solutions at a fraction of  the cost.

We have wide experience in this area and we can assist you in finding the best temperature controlled solution for you.  Contact us using the form below and we will be delighted to advise you.

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Pallet covers to protect goods from high and low temperatures

Discover our versatile collection of thermal pallet covers, expertly crafted to safeguard your temperature-sensitive goods during transportation. These covers act as a thermal shield, effectively regulating the transfer of heat to or from your palletized cargo.

Our thermal covers cater to a diverse set of requirements, maintaining both warmth and coldness for a variety of products. While primarily designed for chilled distribution, our covers also serve clients who need to prevent items from getting excessively cold. For instance, our covers can help preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive fruits or maintain the ideal viscosity of liquids for production processes. Explore our thermal pallet covers and ensure the optimal protection for your valuable cargo.

How does a thermal cover protect my goods from temperature spikes?

This BLOG explains how thermal covers work and how effective they are in prottecting temperature sensitive goods.

How do I know which thermal cover is best for me?

First, we need to know what the size of the palletised load is.

Second, we need to know whether the covers will be reused by you, or whether you are sending goods to a destination from where it is impractical to collect them from, or get them returned by the recipient.

If the solution is single use only, then we recommend the FOIL THERMAL COVERS.

If you can reuse the thermal covers (such as a bar at an event, or keeping product cool or warm within your site) then we recommend the FIBRE FILL THERMAL COVERS.

The best solution for each application can be established by considering:

  • is it feasible for the covers to be returned?
  • how long is the transit time?
  • what are the temperature tolerances of the goods being shipped?
  • Are additional temperature control products being used such as ice packs?
  • What delays are possible in transit?
  • How critical is packing times? Is it possible to reduce labour costs?


How do I decide what is the best thermal cover option for me?

Which thermal cover is most effective?

This BLOG summarises some test data from high ambient temperature tests and shows the comparative effectiveness of four different covers.

This gives some insight which will help you to decide on the best thermal protection solution.


We can supply GEL ICE PACKS to be used with the thermal covers to extend the time the chilled goods are kept atthe desired temperature. We can advise what quantity and format of gel ice packs would achieve the temperature protection required.

Gel Ice packs 700 x 394px



Obviously we can help you with this, but here are some questions you can consider which will help us to suggest the best thermal protection option for you.

  • How long do your goods need thermal protection for?
  • What mode of transport are you using to ship your goods?
  • Can you get the covers returned to you to be reused?
  • Will the goods be exposed to direct sunlight?
  • Do you want the covers to be recyclable?
  • What temperature range do your goods need to be kept within?

The applications that our covers have been used for include:

  • Keeping ingredient warm and viscous for production purposes
  • Keeping chilled goods from freezing in a freezer van. (in case you are wondering, the company were reducing costs by using one type of vehicle to do all their deliveries)
  • Stopping seagull strikes on fresh salmon waiting to be loaded onto aircraft
  • Reducing temperature spikes in shipping containers to reduce excess heat damage to candles being exported.
  • Keeping ice frozen at a pop up bar at Glastonbury music festival.
  • Roll cage covers to prevent damage to ingredients when left in direct sunlight during the delivery process.

These are a few examples to consider. At the end of the day, our primary aim is to ensure perishable goods arrive at their destination safely. We have a wide range of problems thrown at us to solve, so we are always innovating and finding new ways to keep products cold and warm.


Validating the thermal covers

While we can provide validation test reports, and these can be a useful guide, it is essential that companies carry out their own transit trials using digital temperature trackers to log temperatures throughout its journey to ascertain the best thermal protection solutions for each requirement.


We can assist with samples and data loggers to facilitate transit trials.


If you want some help with your problem please fill out the enquiry form below, or use the live chat facility, or give us a call.