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Extra wide polythene sheeting for protection of air cargo

Dynafilm is a multi-fold wide width polythene sheeting designed for aircraft pallets


This product is designed especially to be used in the Aviation Industry to collate all products on a shipment and protect goods from dust and the elements.




PMC with polythene sheeting on top

Dust Proof polythene sheeting for air cargo Rain and moisture proof polythene sheeting for air cargo


Polythene Shrinkfilm, Sheeting & Pallet Covers

Product Code: DF615

Dimentions: 6000mm

Roll Length: 100m

Micon: 15mu

Qty: 76 to a pallet

Air Cargo extra wide polythene sheeting

Have a look at our reusable palletcovers

Waterproof breathable aircraft pallet cover

Waterproof and breathable, made from gortex material

These are tough pallet covers designed for the air cargo pallets and can be used time after time.

This product has been developed in response to air freight companies who are concerned about reducing their plastic usage.

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