Extra wide polythene sheeting for protection of air cargo
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Dynafilm is a multi-fold wide width polythene sheeting designed for aircraft pallets.


This product is designed especially to be used in the Aviation Industry to collate all products on a shipment and protect goods from dust and the elements.


This film now contains 30% post consumer waste, and is exempt from the UK Packaging Tax.


Dynafilm pallet stability film

Dust Proof polythene sheeting for air cargo Rain and moisture proof polythene sheeting for air cargo

Polythene protective sheeting

Product Code: DF615

Dimensions: 5800mm

Roll Length: 100m

Micron: 15mu

Qty: 76 to a pallet

Recycled content: 30% PCR


DF615 pictuet with 30% recycled icon 1035 x 562px

Red tint polythene sheeting

This is the same specification as the clear polythene sheeting as detailed above

 DF615-Cargo-wrap RED TINT

We hold this film in stock and other colours can be manufactured to your requirement.


What is Post Consumer Waste?

Post-consumer waste is the waste produced at the end of a consumer-product lifecycle. The product is bought and consumed so has served its intended use. Post-consumer waste refers to the household waste we generate every day.

The UK Government introduced the Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022.

The recycled content has to be post consumer waste as opposed to post industrial waste.

This is a new tax that will apply to plastic packaging manufactured in, or imported into the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. Plastic packaging is packaging that is predominantly plastic by weight.

It will not apply to any plastic packaging which contains at least 30% recycled plastic, or any packaging which is not predominantly plastic by weight.



Waterproof and breathable.

These are tough pallet covers designed for the air cargo pallets and can be used time after time.


This product has been developed in response to air freight companies who are concerned about reducing their plastic usage.


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Waterproof breathable aircraft pallet cover-1


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