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Used in conjunction with foil pallet liners and foil pallet covers these pallet containers provide excellent thermal protection

Strong, effective and sustainable, these pallet containers are 100% recyclable and made from recycled paper. They can withstand impact damage that can occur during transit, and also provide protection against temperature variations, particularly when used in conjunction with foil liners and covers

This board is able to withstand up to 20 - 30 tonnes per square metre, so provides excellent protection while being very lightweight.


Honeycomb board is used in building and furniture due to it high strength to weight ration, and is an excellent option for thermal pallet containers

  • Approximately 95% air.
  • Air is an excellent insulator
  • 70% recycled paper
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Range of thicknesses
Honeycomb board three thicknesses


Available in different thicknesses, honeycomb board is very strong, extremely lightweight and 100% recyclable.

Unlike corrugated cardboard, honeycomb board strength to weight ratio and extremely high resistance to compression makes it perfectly suited for manufacture of pallet containers.


The honeycomb construction traps air inside it, making it a good insulator from temperature changes


When combined with a foil metalised reflective liner and outer thermal foil pallet covers, and ice gel packs, you can be assured of the ultimate protection for temperature sensitive goods in transit.


Honeycomb board pallet container drawing 1200 x 1200px with watermark

Thermal insulation table 2

The materials listed here are all known as thermal insulators

The smaller the number, the better the insulator. In this list AIR is the best insulator.

Heat moves through air by CONVECTION which involves the MOVEMENT of air to transport the thermal energy.

If air is trapped, it cannot transfer heat by CONVECTION, therefore, due to it's low thermal conductivity, air is a very good insulator.

 This table lists thermal conductivity values (k) for a variety of materials, in units of W/m/°C.

This cutaway image below shows the construction of honeycomb board. 

The honeycomb structure traps pockets of air between the two layer of board which acts as an insulation.

Honeycomb board cutaway

Is honeycomb board recyclable?

Yes, 100%!

Paper is the most successfully recycled product in the UK with over 80% recycled.

Paper is recycled because the infrastructure is in place to collect, transport and process it.

Paper can be recycled 7 - 8 times before the fibres in the paper become too short to give the paper its required strength.

Cardboard boxes typically contain 60% - 70% recycled paper and this is so with honeycomb board.

Paper is also biodegradable and compostable. (caveat: this excludes laminated and coated papers).

How strong is honeycomb board?

For its weight, honeycomb board is very strong.

The definition of 'strong' is difficult define in actual numbers.

There is a difference between STATIC loading and DYNAMIC loading. 

DYNAMIC loading is where, in this case, the honeycomb pallet container is being moved with a load on top. This hugely increases the pressure on the honeycomb structure reducing its weight bearing capacity.

However, as a rough guide a standard size honeycomb pallet container complete with the lid, will theoretically take a STATIC load of up to 800 kilos.

This is theoretical loading calculation to give an indication as to the strength of honeycomb board.

DO NOT place loads on top of our honeycomb pallet containers without proper evaluation and risk assessments.


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