Pallet wrapped in Dynawrap prestretched film.
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Reduce costs and plastic waste, and improve pallet stability

dynawrap pallet wrap film reduces SINGLE-USE plastic use by up to 70%

Dynawrap is a pre-stretched palletwrap film that is very strong and non-stretch giving enhanced load stability. The film is lightweight, up to 70% less than conventional stretch palletwrap films reducing the impact on natural resources. The film doesn't need stretching in order to achieve a tight wrap which reduces operator fatigue.


Key benefits

  • Reduce packaging waste by up to 70%
  • Reduce palletwrapping costs
  • Improve pallet load stability
  • Reduce wrapping strain on personnel
  • Reduce waste through dropped roll damage
  • Reduce pallet load rejection because of load movement in transit.

The Non-Stretch Pallet-wrap which combines ease of use with excellent load stability.



Product Code: DYNA-VX7

Width: 390mm

Length: 600 metres

Thickness: 7 micron

Colour: Transparent

Core: Extended

Dynawrap pallet wrapping film

Product Code: RW6HW

Width: 390mm

Length: 900 metres

Thickness: 6 micron

Colour: Transparent

Core: Extended

Contains 30% recycled material


  Dynawrap Recycling facts


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