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protecting cargo from moisture, temperature changes and contamination

cargo protection from moisture, temperature & contamination

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CargoWise Solutions Ltd, is a team with a mission to ‘Eliminate Consignment Rejection’.  We recognise the substantial costs and reputational damage that any delays can incur so we have developed a range of products to negate this risk.


Products include:

  • Temperature control foil pallet covers
  • Moisture absorbing sheeting
  • Humidity control silica gel 
  • Palletwrap products to improve load stability
  • Sanitising spray for decontaminating cargo

Global solutions for the protection of cargoWe are dedicated to excellent customer service and consistent product quality as we see this as the most important aspects of running a business that supplies into the fast-paced cargo industry.


With our considerable experience in supplying the cargo industry we offer our customers a consultancy service and we have a proven track record in providing solutions that save our customers time and money.


This website details our commitment to the cargo industry, the products we supply and how we are committed to ethical trading. We recognise the need to support the community in which we operate.


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We are pleased to recommend CargoWise as a supplier for your warehouse materials and supplies.


The company has an excellent reputation for timely deliveries. Needless to say, we consider the company one of our most valued suppliers.


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Cargo Operations

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