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The Crucial Role of Temperature Data Loggers in Freight: Ensuring Quality and Peace of Mind

Posted by Michael Steedman on Sep 12, 2023 10:51:42 PM

In today's globalized world, the transportation of goods, especially perishables and pharmaceuticals, requires precise attention to detail. Among the paramount concerns is the maintenance of the optimal temperature throughout the transportation process. Enter temperature data loggers: the unsung heroes of the freight industry.

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Topics: airfreight, temperature control, transport by air, chilled salmon by airfreight, temperature control standards


Posted by Michael Steedman on Sep 9, 2022 3:40:47 PM

This blog is a summary of test results of some of our thermal covers. This will help when deciding which thermal cover is the best for your requirements.

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Topics: solar energy, foil covers, temperature control, thermal pallet covers, temperature control of palletised goods, gel ice packs, cold chain logistics, temperature control standards

Temperature Standards for Cold Chain Logistics

Posted by Michael Steedman on Aug 10, 2022 4:19:01 PM

This information has been collated from various online sources which have been acknowledged at the end of the short article.

Hopefully it will be useful as a reference resource.

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Topics: temperature control, transporting chilled products, cold chain logistics, temperature control standards

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