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protecting cargo from moisture, humidity, condensation and temperature



Moisture control in shipping containers
Moisture Control
Reduce cargo damage from condensation and humidity in shipping containers and aircargo
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Temperature control
Temperature Control
Control temperature variation of cargo in transit between temperature controlled storage facilities
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Make work safe
Sanitising & Safety
Preventing contamination and keeping the workplace safe for staff and visitors is the number one priority
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Protect cargo in transit
Stability & Protection
Polythene sheeting to protect consignments, and pallet stability solutions that ensure pallet safety
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CargoWise Solutions Limited is a dynamic innovative company creating solutions for the cargo industry

loading cargo into aircraft

Shipping cargo is fraught with risk. CargoWise has a range of innovative products that will reduce the risk of cargo being damaged and rejected by the customer. CargoWise has satisfied customers in all parts of the globe and we look forward to working with new partners in developing and supplying solutions for the cargo shipping industry.

Please contact us to find out what CargoWise Solutions can do for you to reduce damage in transit therefore reducing costs. With the current challenge of COVID-19, ensuring that goods are sanitised prior to shipping, and sanitised when they arrive into the country will ensure the safety of personnel and help contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nappy absorbent protection for air cargo pallets carrying perishables
Dynachill Thermal Protection for perishable air cargo and pharmaceuticals
Extra wide polythene sheeting for air cargo pallets for moisture  protection
Dynawrap pre stretched pallet wrap film for air cargo loads