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History of Cargowise Solutions Limited 

A family business

The business was established in Andover in 1975 by a single person who sold paper bags to the numerous small shops in the towns and villages during that era.

In 1985, Ian Steedman took over the business. As time went on, the small independent shops struggled due to the emergence of supermarkets and an increase in car ownership. To adapt to these changes, the business shifted its focus to providing protective packaging to commercial and industrial enterprises.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the family-owned business expanded steadily. They diversified their offerings and adapted to the evolving market. In 2020, the business transformed into four separate limited companies, with one of them being Cargowise Solutions Limited.

Cargowise specialises in catering to the air freight industry. Unfortunately, the company faced significant challenges during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The grounding of international passenger flights resulted in a substantial decline in the use of air freight.

However, as the air freight industry started to recover and return to its normal state, Cargowise persisted in adapting and growing. They now undertake a wide range of projects focused on providing thermal protection solutions for the air freight industry, among other things.