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Maximising the Safety of Your Freight: Guarding Your Cargo Against Moisture and Water Damage

Posted by Michael Steedman on Jul 3, 2023 3:31:44 PM
Michael Steedman
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When it comes to transporting cargo, ensuring its safety and maintaining its original state are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, various challenges, including water damage, can compromise the condition of your air and sea freight.

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Water damage is a prevalent issue in freight management, and it can occur in four primary ways during the transportation process:

  1. Condensation: Fluctuations in temperature during transit can cause moisture to form within the cargo's packaging or on the product's surface.

  2. Humidity: High humidity levels can wreak havoc on items such as fabric, paper-based goods, and electronics, which are especially sensitive to moisture.

  3. Leakage: Faulty packaging or gaps in shipping containers can provide an entry point for water, leading to potential damage.

  4. Flooding: This is an extreme case where water ingress can severely damage the contents of a container.

If your air cargo falls victim to water damage, it can render it completely useless, leading to the need for expensive repairs or replacements. Additionally, you may incur additional shipping costs to return the damaged goods to their point of origin. Moreover, water damage has the potential to cause corrosion, promote the growth of mould, and result in other forms of degradation.

Given these risks, you might wonder how to safeguard your air freight against moisture and water damage. Here are some best practices:

•Choose Packaging that is Waterproof and Resistant to Moisture: Although most shipping containers are already waterproof, it is advantageous to add an extra layer of protection. Opting for high-quality packaging that can regulate temperatures, absorb liquids, prevent condensation, offer fire resistance, and protect against various weather conditions will enhance the safety of your cargo and keep moisture at bay.

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• Utilise Desiccants: These moisture-absorbing substances can protect your air freight from rust, packaging deterioration, spoilage, mould growth, warping, chemical degradation, and label peeling. Dyna-Sorb desiccant packs, for instance, are designed to protect products in freight containers and warehouses from water damage.

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Limit Rain Exposure: Minimising the time your cargo spends exposed to rain during transit can help reduce the risk of water damage. Select a transportation method that shields your cargo from precipitation as much as possible.


Leverage Climate-Controlled Transportation: If your cargo is sensitive to moisture and humidity, climate-controlled transportation can offer a controlled environment that ensures your cargo stays dry.

Protecting your air cargo from water damage isn't just about product safety; it also has financial and reputational implications. By preventing water damage, you can save significant costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged goods and avoid potential insurance rate hikes. Moreover, delivering undamaged cargo consistently can bolster your business reputation and customer loyalty.

At CargoWise, we're committed to the safe and secure transportation of air freight. We continuously evaluate our solutions to enhance their sustainability and reusability. Learn more about how we can help you guard against moisture and water damage and ensure your valuable cargo arrives in pristine condition.

Remember, in the competitive air freight industry, cargo safety is not just a necessity—it's a commitment. We help you fulfil this commitment by offering the best protective solutions in the market. Protect your air freight, and let us make your shipping stress-free. Find out more.

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