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Dynawrap pre stretched pallet wrap film for optimum load stability

cargowrap reusable pallet wrap jackets

new productReusable pallet wrap

We are trialing a new product that will stabilise palletised loads quickly and easily, and is available in a range of sizes.

In typical use they will last up to 60 months. This will significantly reduce the use of plastic pallet-wrap film over that time.

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dynawrap pre-stretched pallet wrap film

Reduce costs and plastic waste, and improve pallet stability

dynawrap pallet wrap film reduces plastic use by up to 70%

Dynawrap is a pre-stretched palletwrap film that is very strong and non-stretch giving enhanced load stability. The film is lightweight, up to 70% less than conventional stretch palletwrap films reducing the impact on natural resources. The film doesn't need stretching in order to achieve a tight wrap which reduces operator fatigue.

Key benefitsDynawrap box and rolls

  • Reduce packaging waste by up to 70%
  • Reduce palletwrapping costs
  • Improve pallet load stability
  • Reduce wrapping strain on personnel
  • Reduce waste through dropped roll damage
  • Reduce pallet load rejection because of load movement in transit.


Product Code Roll Width Roll Length

Roll thickness 

Colour Pallet Quantity
DYNA-BK  400mm  500 metres  10 micron  BLACK  288 rolls 
DYNA-BLUE  400mm  600 metres 6 micron  BLUE TINT  240 rolls 
DYNA-V8 400mm 600 metres  8 micron  CLEAR 216 rolls 
DYNA-V10 400mm 500 metres  10 micron  CLEAR  216 rolls 
DYNA-VX6L 400mm  600 metres  6 micron  CLEAR  240 rolls 
DYNA-VX7 400mm  600 metres  7 micron  CLEAR  180 rolls


The Non-Stretch Pallet-wrap which combines ease of use with excellent load stability.Eco-friendly palletwrap film