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High performance and reusable


This thermal cover consists of polyester fibres sandwiched between thermal foil with non-woven layers to give a flexible robust thermal cover. The corners are secured using hook and loop tape so they are easy to apply and remove, and store.


They are available in standard pallet sizes, and we can also manufacture covers to your own specification. An example of an application for the fibre fill covers is detailed below.

Foil Fibre Wrap on Concrete BG 1000 x 667px with reuse icon


  • DEMANDING APPLICATIONS - i.e. long exposure to direct sunlight
  • EXPORT - air freight


The composition of this cover comprises  two foil laminates with polyester fibre sandwiched in between.

Fibre filled foil cover cross section-1

The foil laminates comprise a metalised polyethylene (PET), as polypropylene (PP) woven fabric and a polythene (LDPE) film to give strength.


The metalised PET reflects 95+% of the radiant heat from the sun, and the woven PP provides thermal insulation against heat conduction.


The polyester fibre fill traps air which acts as another significant thermal insulator protecting against temperature excursion.


Fibre fill foil cover specification image-1
How does a thermal foil pallet cover keep stuff cool?

In the context of transporting temperature sensitive goods, most temperature spikes are caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

The reflective 'foil' outer provides excellent protection against this heat from radiation.

The non-woven and fibre fill components provent heat passing through via conduction or convection.

To find out more read out blog HERE.

AdobeStock_366809759 heat transfer


How do I decide which is the best thermal pallet cover for me?
Which thermal cover is most effective?

This BLOG summarises some test data from high ambient temperature tests and shows the comparative effectiveness of four different covers.

This gives some insight which will help you to decide on the best thermal protection solution.


REVIEW - A happy customer

This customer operated a pop-up bar at Glastonbury Festival 2022 which need to store ice cubes safely within any freezer facilities during the 5 day event.

Australia recommendation Glastonbury

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